Meow Time Cattery

  Purrr....fect Paws n' Claws

Siamese Cats range in price depending on their color.  You might be doing research to find the best price for your budget.  I understand it is a tough economy right now and owning a Pedigree Cat might seem like a luxury to some but before you make your purchase I believe it is great to meet or speak to the breeder, find out if the animals are caged inside or outside, how clean the facility or home is and most importantly how healthy your new companion is and will be for years to come.  I have been doing this since 2000 as I've mentioned in the "About Us" section and I have never had a dissatisified customer.  My theory is: if you breed healthy beautiful cats in a clean and loving environment you will never disappoint yourself or those that buy from you.  In conclusion, depending on what type of Siamese cat you are looking for - the prices vary.  Please see the contact us section of my website and submit a question via the website, my e-mail or call me. I am more than happy to discuss your purchase.


I am Registered with the American Cat Association Registry in California, the North American Purebred Registry, Inc. and The Cat Fanciers' Association.  All of our kittens here at Meow Time Cattery leave with their registration papers which they are specifically registered with.


Each kitten leaves healthy at around 8-10 weeks.  Our kittens are guaranteed to be FeLV and FIV negative.  We also guarantee our cats/kittens are free of internal parasites and external parasites at the time of sale.  If a certified Veterinarian diagnosis your purchase to have a disease or any of these internal/external parasites we will issue a full refund so long as the kitten is brought back to the cattery within 5 days of purchase along with a written diagnosis from said veterinarian. 


Before leaving Meow Time Cattery, each kitten is given two sets of vaccines, preventatives and is de-wormed three times. 


Once I receive a deposit of $200 (non-refundable) on a kitten, upon pickup day I have each buyer sign a Meowtime Cattery Kitten Contract and Health Certificate which simply states:


* you will not harm the kitten

* you will provide the kitten with a good home, food, and proper health care

* you have 5 business days to return the kitten for a full refund given that you can provide a veterinarian's certificate showing the kitten has a disease or isn't genetically sound.

* you are not able to breed these kittens and you must have them altered (neutered/spayed) otherwise you will have spraying throughout the house and female cats in heat.

* Lastly, if you cannot keep the kitten for any reason in the future after purchase- you must notify the breeder.